Lesley Ann Dunne & Associates is a Strategy Consultancy and Team & Leadership Coaching Firm that partners Corporates, SMEs, Not-for-Profits, Teams and individual clients both virtually and face to face. We challenge ourselves to empower organisations, teams and individuals to be the best that they can be. Recognising that evolution requires effort and time, we commit to working with clients over a period, grounded in the belief that with more awareness, understanding and knowledge, a client will over time do things differently and better. 
Lesley Ann Dunne & Associates offers four distinct but inter-related service lines: 


“Lesley Ann has a special talent of reading people and teasing things out that I wouldn't have otherwise thought about. She helped me to see things from a different angle and gave me a new perspective”  
Senior Healthcare Professional 
“Having been coached by Lesley Ann over the past few months, I can confidently say that session after session I was able to see a change in my thought process, and get better understanding of what it was that I wanted, and the different ways that I could achieve this.” 
Brand Specialist, Google 
“Lesley Ann is rigorous and team-focused in coaching and strategy activation. Lesley Ann helped BDO to execute a large number of strategic projects. She has a personable and insightful demeanour that brings unforeseen strengths out of individuals and teams.”  
Partner, BDO Ireland 
“It is thanks to my sessions with Lesley Ann that I managed to discover my true needs, and objectively start being the master of my own growth path. Lesley Ann is an outstanding objective and empathetic listener and questioner. I came out of every single session with a new understanding of my talents and strengths, a deep awareness of my own pace and needs, as well as of my own mental interferences that were subconsciously blocking me from highest performance". Product Lead, Google Ireland 
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